Thursday, February 11, 2010

Restaurants in Southern Maine ~ Does a Hot Dog Joint Count?

What kind of question is that? Of course a Hot Dog Joint counts as a restaurant. In fact, many of us consider the Hot Dog Joint the very best choice of restaurants.

Hot Diggity and I are still hard at work researching different Hot Dog Joints and each of their selections. On this trip we were accompanied by Keith, the Hot Dog King.

I'm warning the IRS right now, I'm writing off all my research trips and I'm writing off my Lipitor prescription.

On the menu to the right, I apoligize for not "cropping" out that Veggie Dog. Yuk!

The hot dogs at this stop, The Dog House in Kittery, Maine, were very good and their fries were outstanding. Surprisingly, the fries were frozen, not fresh cut. It was a good place to stop, and unlike many places in Maine, they offered griddled dogs (I'm not a fan of boiled or steamed).

You know what goes great for dessert after a hot dog (or two), a Whoopie Pie. I gotta run now, I have a craving for a Whoopie Pie.

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