Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Griddled Hot Dogs on Griddled Top-Loaded Buns

The votes have been counted. You readers overwhelmingly prefer "top-loaded" buns, and you want them griddled. Of the three choices, only 16% of you chose the top-loaded bun without having it griddled (no doubt, the same voters that chose the steamed hot dogs in the last poll).

The big surprise for me was, only 8% selected the side-loaded bun. Included in my February 14th post was a photo of an awesome California Hot Dog loaded with goodies on a side-loaded bun. I thought that photo would bring in the "side-loaded" voters.

A new week brings a new poll. This week's poll has more choices than in the previous weeks. To make the poll statistically valid, I need many more votes. So ask your friends and co-workers to get on board.

Please don't forget to vote.


  1. A side-loaded bun is the type that a Chicago Dog would be on. Look at the Feb. 14th post and the photo of the California Dog. That's a side-loaded bun.


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