Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Dogs, Onion Rings and Fries ~ It's What's for Dinner

My new french fry cutter came today (who knew UPS worked on holidays). This evening the research labs were busy at work.

We started with the french fries (regular cut), seen cooking in the photo below. Our taste test revealed, and it was unanimously decided that additional testing is required. They were okay, but a long way from excellent. Next time we will be trying the shoestring blades on the new cutter.

We then moved on to onion rings. The rings cooked quickly and browned up nicely. Hot Diggity voted these onion rings, "the best she's ever had!" They were great.
The onion ring batter recipe that I obtained from the internet is now my secret family recipe. Let's keep that between us.

To complete our meal (and also for the photo opportunity) I ended my deep frying session with deep fried hot dogs. They were excellent, but not as good as griddled. We will try the dogs again.
Add a mini whoopie pie and a coke and "dinner is served."

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