Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The First Hot Dog Poll Has Closed

Thank you all for voting our first poll that asked the question, "How do you like your hot dog cooked?"
The results were overwhelmingly skewed toward Griddled, with 87% of those participating making this choice. The remainder of the votes were split evenly between Boiled and Steamed. These two alternatives are often used interchangeably. You will often find that hot dog stands offering steamed hot dogs will pull a hot dog out of a pot and shake off the water. Boiling is a much faster and more efficient way of bringing the hot dog up to the desired temperature.

The surprise in the poll for me was that nobody chose Deep Fried. This is likely because so few places will cook their dogs this way. However, many hot dog lovers that have tried a deep fried hot dog would have it no other way. Hot dogs aren't pretty when cooked in a deep fryer, but they are nice and crispy.

Thanks again for voting and please vote in this weeks poll.

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