Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hot Dog Progress For Yank's Franks

Hot Diggity and I have been doing much more than eating hot dogs and salty fries.

While we don't have any concrete announcements to share (yet), we are getting close on many fronts.

As I mentioned in the February 19th post, we have found a spot that we think would be great for the future home of Yank's Franks.

This past week alone, we have had a meeting with the Planning Department, and later in the week we met with the Code Enforcement Department. We attempted (without success so far) to contact the State Fire Marshall's office to discuss their requirements. And, we visited the Water Department to review the service at the site we are considering.

Courtesy of Mother Nature and the 5+ inches of rain she dumped on us on Thursday, we even had the chance to make an impromptu visit to the site to see if it remained above water. It did!

I am hoping we'll have a Hot Dog Bulletin to share with you next week.

During this past week we have made significant progress in the development of a logo. And, we visited with a sign maker in his shop, a very interesting experience.

We made contact with an awesome hot dog manufacturer. However, it is still unclear whether they will be able to ship their product to Southern Maine. We're still waiting for more information.

So, while we haven't suspended our taste testing, Hot Diggity and I have been making progress on other fronts as well.

Frankly speaking, we (will) serve the best Hot Dogs!

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