Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mustard Takes the Blue Ribbon

The results of the "Favorite Condiment" poll are in and counted. All polling locations in all time zones are closed.

The results are as follows (and remember, voters were able to select multiple choices so the numbers add up to more than 100%).

Mustard 75%
Relish 40%
Ketchup 15%
Sauerkraut 35%
Chili 15%
Raw Onion 40%
Fried Onion 10%
Cheese 25%
Bacon 20%
Slaw 0%
Other 20%

Obviously (and predictably), Mustard kicked hot dog butt.

The result that I found most valuable is the Slaw came in with a big fat goose egg. Yahoo, no slaw at Yank's Franks.

Of course, the one result I found a bit disturbing was the 15% that selected Ketchup. I didn't realize I had any readers in the "under 8 years" category. This %'age mysteriously corresponds to the results in previous polls that voted for steamed hot dogs and then later voted for not griddling their buns (just kidding folks, don't get your onion rings in a knot).

Again, thank you for voting and check out the new poll for this week.

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