Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Dog Marketing 101

When Janice (aka, Hot Diggity) and I owned our inn, we developed a tag line to use in our marketing materials. We were sitting on a beautiful Caribbean beach during our annual vacation. Of the 365 days per year, we took 14 of them off for vacation. We found that our best ideas all came during these 14 days.

During this vacation while Janice was reading one of her many vacation books, I was reading a marketing book about Branding. It spoke of the importance of developing a cohesive theme throughout your business. Well, one of the subcategories discussed the concept of developing a tag line. An example might be, Burger King ~ Have it your way.

From the time we purchased the inn, many of the other innkeepers spoke of challenging experiences with their guests. Janice had consistently stated in public and in private that, "we have the nicest guests!" It didn't take long to put two and two together, and from then on we added this phrase to all our marketing endeavors. We believed that the statement, "we have the nicest guests!" said many flattering things about the guests, the inn and the innkeepers. Who wouldn't want to stay with us and get to know, and become one of, the nicest guests.

I am working on a tag line for Yank's Franks. I've thought of several whimsical lines, but I'm not sure that "funny" is the way to go. Here's some of the ideas:

Yank's Franks ~ Over Two Dozen Served
Yank's Franks ~ The Best of the Wurst!
Yank's Franks ~ We Gyp the Other Guy and Pass the Savings on to You (actually stolen from Chuy's)
Yank's Franks ~ Frankly speaking, we serve the best hot dogs! (that's Janice's idea)

Anyway, I need a tag line, and there's a free hot dog (with the works) large fries and soda for the person that comes up with the wienner, I mean winner. Can you imagine, dinner on me just for several hours of racking your brain.


  1. I like Janice's "Frankly speaking..." It's great!

  2. I got a suggestion from Dennis today for a new name..."Franks, by George" Kind of like, by George, I think I'll have a hot dog for lunch. Thanks Dennis.

  3. How about a tag line like this? Yank's Franks ~ The best hot dogs in the wurst location.


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