Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Hot Dog Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

Traditionally, when we think of Super Bowl food what comes to mind? Many would answer Chili. Oddly enough, my Super Bowl Sunday Hot Dog recipe contains no chili (although I absolutely love chili dogs).

For your shopping list:
Bun length hot dogs (not those regular sized wieners)
New England Hot Dog buns (good quality, not store brand)
Bacon, the thicker the better
Mustard (regular or spicy, your choice)
Barbeque sauce

To begin:
Saute onion slices in butter. When soft and clear, add just a little bit of barbeque sauce.
Warm up the sauerkraut.

Wrap bacon strips around your hot dogs. Deep fry your bacon wrapped dogs at 350 degrees. (If you don't have a deep fryer make a note for next Christmas and use a skillet for now)
Slather both sides of the buns with butter and lightly brown each side in a skillet.

Place hot dog in the bun. If the hot dog has curled, place the ends facing up to leave more room for the rest of the goodies.
Top the dog with mustard.
Next, add the sauerkraut and then the barbeque flavored onions.

That was easy. If you want to add some cheese that would be great because, when it comes to food there are two rules, 1) everything tastes better with bacon and, 2) everything tastes better with cheese.

I made a Super Bowl hot dog for two reasons. First, I wanted to check out the taste to be certain it was worthy of the title of Super Bowl Hot Dog. Second, I wanted to take a picture to share with you as you read through this recipe.

As far as my second reason goes, I apologize. I ended up eating the Super Bowl Hot Dog when my photographer (Hot Diggity) was getting the camera. As for my first reason, it was awesome.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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