Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Dogs and Baseball

Baseball and hot dogs bring back fond memories to many of us. For me it's a day at Fenway with my Dad and a hot dog with mustard. I can taste it just sitting here thinking about it. It was a simpler time and the only way to go back there is by closing my eyes and tasting that unforgettable taste.

That is why having a hot dog joint is such a great thing to do. Almost everyone that comes through the door has a memorable hot dog experience. Those memories usually take one back to a pleasant time. Often our customers share those memories with us. It's the best part of the job.

Anyway, Yank's Franks is beginning to add a baseball theme to our "joint."  What better way than to hang photos of the original "Yank."  The top photo is Yank in his Philadelphia Athletics uniform in 1942 and below he is in his Chicago White Sox uniform in 1949. In between 1942 and 1949 was WWII, Northeastern University and minor league baseball.

Oh, and the bats and balls above have authentic signatures of Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Frankly, there is nothing more All-American than baseball and hot dogs!

Friday, July 13, 2012

National Hot Dog Month...

...and The Hot Dog Man is traveling New England and stopping at a different hot dog joint each day. The question remains, did he pick July because it means 31 hot dogs (instead of getting gypped with a tiny month like February) or is it really because July is National Hot Dog Month?
It doesn't matter because he is on the move and day 12 (July 12th) he stopped at Yank's Franks.

Last year The Hot Dog Man chowed down on a Yank's Frank. This year, at the suggestion of Hot Diggity, he tried the Wells Beach Dog. He has a new favorite. I think it was the Applewood-Smoked Bacon that got him.

Frankly, It Was Great To See The Hot Dog Man (and Drew, the videographer)!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Keep A Look Out For The Traveling Yank's Frank

The Traveling Yank's Frank made his debut today at Drakes Island Beach. He handed out coupons to hot dog lovers of every age.
Even our Traveling Yank's Frank gets hungry. When he does, you know where he eats...Yank's Franks!

Notice the Relish Green shorts and special kudos for the Mustard Yellow sneakers.

Frankly, does anyone know of a better Traveling Hot Dog? No chance!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Yank's Franks Gets A New Look!

This morning we were so happy to add this banner to the front of Yank's Franks.

Once again, thanks everyone for your votes!!!

Frankly, I Really Like The New Banner!

Pink's Hot Dogs, Another Item on My Bucket List

We have never been to Pink's Hot Dogs, but it is another item that needs to be checked off my "bucket list."

A friend sent Yank's Franks this photo and offered to send more. I declined and instead suggected sending a chili dog. I expect to receive it early next week.

Pink's is in Hollywood and has been for over 70 years. Many of you may have heard of them as they recently became the subject of an often run commercial about Bank of America. Good going B of A, there is nothing better than hot dogs to make us forget that you were a huge part of bringing the world economy to its knees.

Pink's has the reputation of being the hot dog stand to the stars. That's an awesome distinction, but Yank's Franks is hard at work to replace them as the hot dog stand to the stars.

Frankly, All Yank's Franks Customers Are Stars!

So there you go Pink's. Maybe we'll see you next winter.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yank's Franks Wins Best Hot Dog

Great news for Yank's Franks! Check out the piece that was run on NECN this morning.

Thanks to all who voted for Yank's Franks.

Frankly, Yank's Franks has the BEST customers and the BEST friends!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July is National Hot Dog Month

To pay tribute to the All-American hot dog, The Hot Dog Man is traveling to a different Hot Dog Joint each day during the month of July, National Hot Dog Month. Lucky for him, July is one of those great months with 31 days and that means 31 hot dog stops. I thought I had a great job!!!

That's the Hot Dog Man in the center of the photo along with the owners of the greatest hot dog maker on the planet, Pearl the official hot dog of Yank's Franks.

I hope everyone that reads my blog will stop by Yank's Franks on Tuesday, July 10th and be a part of Hot Dog History. I can't wait for the movie.

Frankly, We Are Honored To Be A Part Of The Hot Dog Tour!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yank's Franks Gets The Nomination For The 2nd Year In A Row

Last year Yank's Franks was voted 2nd in the NECN Baby You're The Best Hot Dog in New England. Well it's voting time again and we need your help. Please follow this LINK and vote for Yank's Franks. Voting ends this Wednesday evening, June 27th at 8 pm.

We would really love to have the bragging rights to 1st place so please tell your friends and family. It seems that only one vote can be recorded from each computer so don't sit around clicking away.

Remember, voting ends in 2 days so send out the call that Yank's Franks wants your vote for Best New England Hot Dog!

Thank you and keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Yank's Franks River Dogs Take First Place

The Yank's Franks River Dog's 1st place season wrapped up this evening with a celebration party at Yank's Franks.

The River Dogs were the youngest team in the Wells-Ogunquit Little League and obviously the most talented.

Each member of the 2012 championship team received trophies as well as awesome hot dogs and fries (nothing goes better with baseball than hot dogs).

Great job Coach Soper and congratulations to all the ball players. Get em again next year.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Yank's Franks Angry Sauce Is Ready

W O Hesperus Bottling Department
With the Yank's Franks Opening Day fast approaching we ordered our special recipe, Yank's Angry Sauce from Captain Mowatt's (aka, W O Hesperus Co.).

Hot Diggity and I ventured north to Portland's Eastern Promenade, the worldwide headquarters of Captain Mowatt's. Overlooking Portland's Casco Bay, we were given a tour of their offices, the production kitchen, the bottling department and the storage room.

We were given a gastronomic tour of Captain Mowatt's amazing sauces, including their new Captain Mowatt's Hot Pink which earns a Heat Level rating of 7 out of 10.

We sampled the Captain's new Old Salt, an awesome combination of Sea Salt, Habanero & Cayenne Chiles, and a little Maine Seaweed. At a Heat Level of 4 out of 10, it was just the right kick while still being able to appreciate the taste buds.

Storage Department

We were sent off with a bottle of the Old Salt to keep at Yank's Franks. Anyone wanting a bit of a kick to their burger, fries or onion rings, please ask. I can't wait to try it myself.

Frankly, Some Like It Hot!!! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baseball and Hot Dogs!

Nothing goes together better than baseball and hot dogs (not even chocolate and peanut butter, but that's debatable).

Yank's Franks served up Hot Dogs at Opening Day of the Wells-Ogunquit Little League this past Saturday. What a great turn out, but boy-o'- boy was it windy and cold.

Overall, it was a very entertaining day and the players and the parents couldn't have been nicer. Almost all of the parents thanked us for our contribution, but the truth is, we were very delighted and honored to be a part of this All-American event.

This is Grant, one of the great athletes on the Yank's Franks, Riverdogs

Hot Diggity is serving them up.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yank's Franks on the Green Monster??

Good job, Matt!
Well, maybe not on the Green Monster, but we will be on the "home run wall" at the Wells-Ogunquit Little League Stadium.

Opening day for the 2012 season is this Saturday, April 28th and Yank's Franks will be there again grilling up hot dogs.

Whether for breakfast or lunch, stop by the Yank's Franks stand and pick up an awesome dog. And remember, all proceeds are donated back to the Little League.

Frankly, nothing goes better with baseball than hot dogs!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Litchfield's Bar and Grill ~ A Restaurant Review

The Yank's Franks tasting team went to dinner and did we find a great place.

All but Hot Diggity were in the mood for a burger so we decided to try the newest place in town (the town being Wells, Maine).

Litchfield's Bar and Grill just recently opened under new (and much improved) management. Their sign notes their award for Best Hamburger in the NECN "Baby You're The Best" poll in 2011. The new owners are aligned with Lee Circle Grocery in Lee, NH winner of first place in the Baby You're the Best poll.

The burger pictured above was Litchfield's Cowboy Burger with a half pound of beef, plenty of delicious cheddar cheese and onion rings on top. For me, tonight I chose the Cheddar and Bacon Burger. It was a half pound of perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked beef topped with gooey cheddar cheese and crispy bacon (in addition to lettuce, tomato and onion). It was delicious and luckily my mouth was big enough to enjoy this mile high sandwich from top to bottom.

The French Fries that come with Litchfield's sandwiches got a special mention from Double Dog Dennis and they recieved the Seal of Approval from the French Fry King, very high praise indeed. The fries are not the thin, shoestring variety but a more substantial slice of potato. They were cooked perfectly, nice and crispy on the outside and just right on the inside. It doesn't sound like much, but cooking Fries to get that perfect combination seems to elude many. Not at Litchfield's, they know how to do Fries.

I can't finish without a commentary on dessert...Peanut Butter Pie. Wow, it was amazing. Leave enough room for this fantastic end to a wonderful meal.

Whether you're a summer visitor or a year round area resident, give the now owners at Litchfield's a try. You too will be pleased that Wells has another great place to eat.

Frankly, Wells is a great place for a Foodie to live (and eat)!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The AGAR Food Show ~ Mmmm Good!

The entire Northeast branch of the Yank's Franks tasting team met at the crack of dawn this morning (okay, it wasn't so much the "crack of dawn" but it was well before noon) to travel to Gillette Stadium to attend one of my favorite events of the year...The Food Show.

Yes, it's totally true, they actually have these events called Food Shows. And I can't think of a better person to invite than me because I love food.

Hot Diggity, Double Dog Dennis, The French Fry King and I sampled several varieties of hot dogs, French fries (including an interesting Maine company's product), chicken tenders and lots of desserts. I ate more kinds of bacon today than I had during my entire life until now. For the ride home we headed for the coffee station where I came across my favorite coffee, Douwe Egberts (sorry Dunkies). It was amazing.

My only suggestion...I really think we need more Food Shows!

Frankly, I can't think of a better pairing of two words than Food and Show. Food Show!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Maine Hot Dog Stands (Joints)

Maine is a beautiful state, but best of all, Maine has some great Hot Dog Stands (or Joints as I prefer to call them).

I have sampled some of them and I have put the Joints I have yet to sample on my "to do" list.

I am listing the Hot Dog Joints of Maine in alphabetical order. I am certain I have missed some so please feel free to post a comment or email me to let me know the Joints I have left out.

The Joints I have had the pleasure of visiting I am rating on a scale of one * to five *****. I wish I could do something more clever than *, but I'm not a computer guy, I'm a hot dog guy.

If you see your favorite and I have rated it less than you would have, don't be upset, it's just a matter of taste. Also, for those that have not noticed, this blog is the Yank's Franks blog so, of course, Yank's gets a *****. Hey, it's a matter of taste.

Ava's Hot Dog Stand, Oakland
Bolley's Famous Franks, Hallowell ***
Chicago Dogs, Scarborough ****
Danny's Hot Dogs, Brunswick
The Dog House, Kittery ***
Don's Famous Franks, Augusta **
Dunton's Doghouse, Boothbay Harbor
Flo's Hot Dogs, York *
Hot Diggity Dogs, Kennebunk ****
Perry's Sidewalk Cafe/Almost Famous Since 1994!, Portland
Rapid Ray's, Saco *
Red's Eats, Wiscasset ****
Rosie's Hot Dogs, Eastport
Simone's, Lewiston
Upie's Take Out, Port Clyde
Wasses Hot Dogs, Rockland *****
Yank's Franks, Wells (I told you *****)

That's my list so far.
Let me know if you have a favorite or if you want to weigh in with your ratings.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hot Dog ~ I Got A Winter Gig!

Wow, Yank's Franks International?

It has a nice ring to it.

Hot Diggity captured this image of Yank serving up hot dogs at Crane Beach in Barbados. Sweet!!!

Now, if we could just serve Rum Punch at Yank's Franks in Wells. Some of you may remember the Smoothie of the Day for awhile last summer was PiƱa Colada. That's about as close as we will get.

Opening Day this year is May 19. We can't wait.

Frankly, there's no place like home!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pearl's of Wisdom...

Hot Diggity and I were excited when we received an invitation from Pearl Meat Packing Co. to visit their Massachusetts headquarters.

The Yank's Franks tasting team showed up this morning anticipating a fun and educational (get it...Pearl's of wisdom) tour of Pearl's facilities. We were greeted by Bud Lazaro, Vice President of Sales as well as, Bob Camelio, President and CEO. We were very impressed by the facility's cleanliness, efficiency and the friendliness of the people.

Hot Diggity and I were treated to All-Beef hot dogs of various sizes, including a new Pearl Hot Dog spiced with Jalapeno peppers (ay chiwawa). We tried Pearl's beef and pork hot dogs as well as their Italian sausages. We sampled breakfast sandwiches, and even a wonderful Reuben sandwich made with Pearl's lean smoked Pastrami (absolutely delicious).

Of all the terrific offerings, the thing that kept us going back time and time again was the Jalapeno dog, it was delicious and unique.

What a great way to spend the day!

Frankly, Pearl makes awesome Hot Dogs (and more)!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

East End Cupcakes ~ Awesome!!

As an addict of the Food Network, there's nothing better than seeing a local establishment represented on one of the shows. Imagine my excitement (okay, I'm a Foodie Nerd) when I tuned into an episode of Cupcake Wars and discovered a Portland, Maine cupcake eatery was one of the contestants.

East End Cupcakes, on Fore Street in Portland was competing with three other cupcake bakeries. For those of you that have yet to see the episode, I don't want to totally spoil the ending. However, I will say that their final display which was to honor I Love Lucy's 60th Anniversary, complete with the polka dotted skirt around the table, was just amazing.

Fresh off the excitement of seeing the show Monday evening, Hot Diggity and I (two of the Yank's Franks tasting team) headed to Portland on Tuesday afternoon.

We were greeted with a friendly "hello" and the sweet smell of wonderful cupcakes.We had several other choices, but Hot Diggity went straight for the Chocolate with Salted Caramel icing. For me, I couldn't resist the Fanfetti with American Buttercream. It wasn't the Fanfetti that got me, but the Buttercream was irresistable. We both agreed to split an Apple Cider cupcake as well.

We actually shared each of the cupcakes. Both Hot Diggity and I decided that we chose the cupcakes that were right for us. I enjoyed her cupcake, but I was wild about my selection and vice versa. And we both loved the Apple Cider Cupcake.

This place is amazing. If you're in Portland, don't miss trying East End Cupcake. They are located just down and across Fore Street from Five Guys. Be warned, don't go to Five Guys and fill up, you need plenty of room for East End Cupcakes.

Frankly, the Yank's Franks tasting team loves cupcakes!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Time Hot Dog Manufacturer Grote & Weigel to Shut Down

After 122 years in business, popular Connecticut hot dog manufacturer Grote & Weigel will soon close their doors.

While the closing will not impact Yank's Franks (Yank's has always used Hummel Bros. hot dogs) it is very sad to see this long time business succumb to our terrible economy.

One of the Hot Dog Joints that will feel the impact is Doogie's Hot Dogs. Grote & Weigel supplies (supplied) all Doogie's hot dogs, but the one product that will be most difficult to replace is Doogie's Two-Foot Hot Dog. Yes, that's right, 2 feet of encased deliciousness. For a photo of this delicious piece of hot dog history click here.

Doogie's is interviewing other hot dog manufacturers to see if they can talk them into supplying two-footers. To be honest, I think they will find a replacement, but my question is, where do you get a two foot hot dog bun?

Neither Hot Diggity nor I have ever been to Doogie's, but I can assure you that if we are able to make it there before they run out of two-footers, that's what I'll be ordering.

Frankly, I want a hot dog for breakfast!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blackie's Hot Dogs ~ A Hot Dog Joint Review

I had been looking forward to this day for a couple of years now. I'd done my research so I knew that Blackie's Hot Dog Stand served Hummel Bros. hot dogs (my favorite) and they had their own, secret recipe, Hot Pepper Relish.

Our cross-country drive to Texas started with a Hummel dog at Duchess, and would end with a Hummel dog at Blackie's. Lucky for me, our events in between these outstanding gastronomical bookends were even better.

It was just about dinner time when we pulled into Blackie's parking lot. We were greeted with a friendly hello and when it quickly became evident that we were new customers, the young man behind the counter offered his help.

The hot dog options are somewhat limited so our decisions were made quickly. Your hot dog is scored and heated in oil and placed on a traditional roll. If you choose your dog well done, it is put on the griddle for a little bit of a char. The toppings consist of spicy mustard and Blackie's hot pepper relish. There is a jug of ketchup on the counter, but I prefer to think it's only there for the burgers.

It was one dog for Hot Diggity and two dogs for me. Hot Diggity had hers plain and I chose both toppings on one and mustard only on the other. I immediately realized that I had made a mistake and ordered another dog This one I tried well done.

The hot dogs at Blackie's are absolutely delicious. If you are ever traveling through Connecticut on I-84 (west of Hartford) look them up and plug them into the GPS. They are just minutes off of the interstate and they are well worth the stop.

Frankly, Yank loves Hummel Bros. hot dogs!
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