Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot Dogs in Southern Maine

Is it true that our trips to Hot Dog "joints" are tax deductible? After all, it's research.

More importantly, is it true that researching hot dogs and french fries is not fattening? If so, I'm going to sample even more and, I need to find out what is putting on these extra lbs. Maybe I should switch to diet sodas.

The frankfurter (hot dog, if you don't speak German) pictured to the right is griddled with mustard and relish. It was last night's dinner for Janice (aka, Hot Diggity). My dinner was a griddled chili dog with cheese and onions.

For those of you that have the time, please comment and tell me if you prefer sweet or dill relish, and do you prefer yellow (traditional) or spicy brown mustard.

I have to go now. I have an appointment for a cholesterol test.


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