Friday, July 29, 2011

Yank's Franks Is One of Five Nominated For BEST Hot Dog in New England

After less than a year in business, Yank's Franks is up against some very tough competition to become The Best in New England.

If you enjoy Yank's Franks hot dogs, please go to his link and vote for Yank's.

It would be amazing to win. With your help, it could happen. Our competition has many years of devoted customers, and they are all amazing "Hot Dog Joints."

We've got our fingers crossed. Thanks to all that nominated Yank's Franks.

Frankly, we have the BEST customers!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Foodie Blog, Chubby Werewolf Reviews Yank's Franks

Photo courtesy of Chubby Werewolf
Popular Maine Food Critic and blogger of Life in Maine, Chubby Werewolf has written a review of his recent visit to Yank's Franks. Chubby not only writes about his opinion of the hot dogs (pictured is the Yank's Frank that Chubby enjoyed), but he also gives a great description of Yank's almost famous Pulled Pork sandwich.

Check it out! If you are living in Southern Maine or visiting the Greater Portland area, do yourself a favor and read Chubby's articles on What To Do and Where To Eat. If you follow Chubby's suggestions, you will greatly enhance your Southern Maine experience.

If you're a Foodie and enjoy a perfect burger, Chubby devotes an entire section (Burger Watch) to his efforts to seek the ultimate burger. Warning - proceed cautiously through this section if you are hungry.

Thanks, Chubby for the great review. We are so happy you enjoyed your lunch.

Frankly, I Love Working at Yank's Franks! We Meet The Nicest People.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Hot Dog" Mike Returns To Yank's Franks

He's back! One of the authors of the very popular Hot Dog Blog, The Hot Dog I Ate, Mike returned to Yank's Franks today with his lovely wife, Samantha. (and this time it wasn't by accident). As you may recall, his last visit was a result of a surprise sighting of Yank's by Samantha during their journey north. The bad news, at that time, was that they had stopped a short while earlier at Flo's for some dogs. Being a true "veteran hot dogger" that wasn't going to totally stop Mike. He found room for one Yank's Frank.

On this trip Mike had Yank's Franks as the destination and we were thrilled. After Mike and Samantha finished their meals the customer traffic slowed as if on cue. We had some time for some "hot dog talk" and just to visit.

Both Hot Diggity and I are now into our 3rd careers and the great thing is that "Hot Doggers" are the absolute best people.

Thanks for stopping Mike and Samantha!

Frankly, Hot Diggity and I love being Hot Doggers!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Yank's Franks Testing Kitchen Re-Opens

It's been a long while since the Yank's Franks test kitchen has been open, but we had a special reason to unlock the doors and fire up the cooking equipment. As you (hopefully) read in my previous article, we were recently visited by Chubby Werewolf and he came to Yank's bearing gifts.

On the menu for the testing were Zweigle Red & Whites and Skyline Original Chili. Both were products we were excited to sample.

Double Dog Dennis, The French Fry King and I were all present. Unfortunately, Hot Diggity was unavailable as she was visiting her 8 month old grandson, The Hot Dog Cowboy.

As you can see from the photo (above), the Dogs were served on buns that are not typical of Yank's Franks. They were given to us by our baker, Fantini Bakery to test out. Also, what Hot Dog Tasting could be conducted without fries? So, it was homemade Cajun Fries to keep The French Fry King smiling. And, it was One Red and One White Zweigle's for each of us to keep Double Dog Dennis happy. What kept me happy? I started with two vodka martinis. That'll do it.

I had my Red Dog with Cincinnati-Style Chili and My White Dog with my favorite mustard, Kosciusko. The Dogs...both of them were absolutely delicious. To me, the look of the White Dog was a bit scary. While I have tried White Dogs at Heid's of Liverpool, that was over 30 years ago. If you have never had a white dog, give it a try. They are awesome!

Onto the Chili. The Skyline Chili is what I was really looking forward to as I have heard so much about it. The first thing I noticed was the aroma. I have opened several different brands of chili from cans, and have been consistently repulsed by the odor. Not at all true with Skyline. While the aroma was subtle, it was pleasant.

The next obvious characteristic is the consistency. It was very soupy. I didn't know what to make of this as I worried it would be too runny for a hot dog topping. In the ingredients list on the can, listed first is beef (which I think means beef would be the ingredient most prominent). I continue to be skeptical that beef deserves top billing.

And finally the taste. The Cincinnati-Style Chili was delicious. It definitely reminded me of Mexican Mole (which I love) as it has a hint of a chocolate flavor. Good Mexican Mole just has a hint of little that you almost have to concentrate while tasting to get it. The same is true of this chili. After having the Chili on my hot dog, I had more with just a spoon. Awesome Chili! So good that our Annual Cross-Country Hot Dog Tour may include a swing through Cincinnati.

As to whether Cincinnati Chili makes its way onto the Yank's Franks menu is still undecided. The consistency makes it a messy and difficult topping. It also bothers me that people would know if served a chili that spent time in the can. I have always considered chili in a can as wrong. We'll see. Maybe that trip to Cincinnati will give us a different perspective. I'll let you know.

A special Thank you to Chubby Werewolf for this fantastic meal.

Frankly, Yank loves Chili Dogs!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chubby Werewolf Visits Yank's Franks

Chubby and Yank

We had a special visitor today at Yank's Franks. It was a great way to begin the day, meeting someone that writes an amazing blog focused on, among other things, one of my favorite

Chubby Werewolf himself showed up early this morning and introduced himself to Hot Diggity. While I was at the grill, I heard his discussion and I was so excited. Chubby and I had corresponded shortly after his first visit to Yank's last year.

This time Chubby came bearing gifts, and awesome gifts they are. A couple of cans of Skyline Chili (Cincinnati-Style Chili) and a package of Zweigle's Red & White Hot Dogs.

Okay, Chubby really writes a great blog, but boy oh boy does he know what to bring a "hot dogger" for a gift.

Thank you so much, Chubby. Hot Diggity and I have a special dinner planned with some "hot dog" friends and I have already told them what's on the menu. Now, we're all excited.

Frankly, Yank & Hot Diggity have met some fantastic people!
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