Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Hot Dog Business Plan

It's time to start thinking about a formal business plan for Yank's Franks (Wow, I like the looks of the name better in italics and bold). I've been to the bank to discuss my plan, in general terms, and they were more encouraging than I expected. Don't get me wrong, they didn't send me away with a pound of 20's, not even a new toaster, but they seemed genuinely interested in lending money.

So, here is where you (my 7 Followers to date) come in. I'm starting an Income and Expense projection and I need some very important information.

I need to know how many hot dogs you plan to have at Yanks Franks, and if you could, give me your number of Hot Dogs on a daily basis. I will convert your daily numbers into monthly or yearly as I determine which best suits my needs.

Don't be shy, I already know that I can count on "Hot Diggity" for, at least, two Hot Dogs per day with mustard and relish, and one order of fries with a lemonade (large). Thanks Hot Diggity! So, please get back to me ASAP (leave the info in a comment) so I can proceed with my projections.

Also, if you haven't voted (in the poll in the upper left corner) yet, vote now. If you have voted thank you and, if you pretend you're from Chicago, you can vote again and again. A new poll question will be posted in a couple of days so check back.


  1. Hey! Hey! Did I stumble onto the "Trash Chicago" website inadvertently? I've counted three Chicago slams so far. You guys are headed for the "dog house." ;)

    To answer your question...if you ship nationwide you can put me down for one case per month.

  2. That's awesome Debbie! There are 600 hot dogs per case, and we certainly ship them out to you. And, I love Chicago.

  3. Hi George! I absolutely LOVE the name, and while I like my hot dogs boiled, I am sure you could convert me! My choice is purely one of convenience... I am a "recovering" vegetarian, but I'd say you could count on me for a dog or two a week - no bun, extra mustard.
    :) johanna

  4. Six hundred per case? Okay, but what are we going to do for the other three weeks in the month?

  5. Heres a blast from the past pal. I'm one of the few people that can say they've seen you put away 10 burgers at a single sitting. Glad you switched to dogs. Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing you when your up and running.


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