Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Are Re-Opening The Research Kitchen Next Week

The Yank's Franks research kitchen will open to test a potentially new Yank's Franks menu item. This time it's not hot dogs.

Santa left this package for us and it is full of the ingredients (or as they say in Texas, the fixins') to create authentic Italian Beef sandwiches.

Thank you, Santa (and also Chicago Dog Debbie and Jumbo Dog Jim). My taste buds won't sleep a wink until they get some Italian Beef.

Frankly, we serve the BEST dogs!

Who knows, we may add to our tag line...
Serviamo anche le miglioro carni Italiane!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Inspirational Hot Dog

The last hot dogs from our Cross-Country Tour were from a spot that Hot Diggity and I used to frequent. We would go there often and get the same Dogs each time. We both got Hot Dogs resting on a bed of bacon, then slathered (is that a word?) in spicy mustard and topped with sauerkraut.

We would always get our dogs to go, drive to the beach and eat them.

Any idea what these memorable hot dogs inspired?

Don't answer...let Max tell everyone. How about it Max, do these dogs remind you of anything at Yank's Franks?

Frankly, we serve the BEST dogs!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Cross Country Hot Dog Tour Continues ~Chi-Town

It's day nine of The Cross Country Hot Dog Tour.

We finally hit pay dirt when I stumbled into Chi-Town Chicago Style Eatery in Austin, Texas.

First a little background...Hot Diggity and I lived in Austin for seven years. It was the nicest place we have ever lived for so many reasons. When we moved to Austin, I quickly noticed that it had some of the best restaurants you'd ever want, however I also noticed that, like Maine, it didn't have what I would consider a great hot dog joint. I always believed that opening a hot dog joint in the right spot in Austin would be a winner. Well, here we are back visiting Austin and what do they have just a few miles from where we lived...a great hot dog joint!

Last night I decided to check out Urban Spoon. They had several negative comments, however most of them concerned what I would describe as start-up issues. Not that they aren't legitimate, but virtually all places (including Yank's Franks) go through a learning period. These guys, Travis and Tim, seem very responsive to their customers comments. For example, one customer complained about the quality of their fries and was upset that they used frozen fries. He went on to point out some great places that would only serve fresh cut fries. Well, Chi-Town now uses fresh cut fries. And, I promise their fries are far better than 5 Guys Burger fries. If I may add one point of disagreement, Yank's Franks uses frozen French Fries. After a very long and extensive comparison of many kinds of potatoes and fries, I will stack our Yank's Frank fries up to any out there.

Back to the point, in addition to the fries I had their Classic Chicago Dog and a Chili Dog. Both dogs were Vienna Beef hot dogs and both were done just right. What a bonus, a delicious lunch when you least expect it.

I can't believe that Austin finally has a great Hot Dog Joint!

Frankly, we serve the BEST dogs! And, Chi-Town serves the best dogs in Texas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is That A Yank's Franks Shirt...

. the famous Margaritaville Hotel on Pensacola Beach, Florida?

Yes it is, Hot Diggity and I are on the cross-country hot dog tour. Actually we are on our way to see Henry, aka The Hot Dog Cowboy. We're almost there Henry.

JB offered to trade me one of his shirts for a Yank's Franks shirt. Sorry Jimmy, I have a boatload of your shirts already. He was also surprised at my answer to his question, "what's your favorite [Jimmy Buffet] song?" I think he expected Cheeseburger in Paradise or Margaritaville. My favorite...Mother, Mother Ocean.

To follow the cross-country hot dog tour visit Yank's Franks Facebook page.
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