Friday, February 5, 2010

Hot Dog Etiquette

Okay class, take your seats. We're going to have a video today. Pay attention because there will be a quiz and everything on the quiz will be covered in this video.

Okay, quiet and CLICK HERE.


  1. It is hard to find a video shot in a pristine office about hot dogs very convincing, especially when they repeat the urban legend that ketchup is not kosher on dogs. Using Chicago to accent that point makes my case. Who wants to follow what they do in Chicago?

  2. Keith, an interesting mix of hot dogs and politics.

  3. Some of you have to politicize everything, I just meant that traditional Chicago corruption that the area politicians are known ..... oh, never mind.

  4. I can see that these are very sensitive subjects. I will be happy to make you a griddled dog with ketchup. Just don't tell anyone.
    "The customer is always right!"


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