Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Yank's Franks ~ Hot Dog Bulletin!

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! (if you have your own sound effects, please add them here)

Yank's Franks promised in our post on February 27th, we would have a Hot Dog Bulletin within the week. That was one week ago, and we barely made it.

Just earlier today we came to an agreement and signed the paperwork to purchase Yank's Franks first location. While it's a little early to be estimating a date for the Grand Opening, we are (optimistically) hoping for sometime this coming August. That will put the Grand Opening right in the heart of the tourist season, and right in the heart of Hot Dog Season (Hot Dog Season spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day, during which time Americans consume an average of 800 hot dogs every second).

Yank's Franks will be located on Route One in Wells, Maine. This highly visible location is ideally situated to take full advantage of the seasonal visitors, as well as the "locals" all of whom know and love this beautiful seaside community.

Hot Diggity has been spending summers in Wells since she was a little girl. The Big Dog first vacationed and fell in love with this community more than 28 years ago. We purchased a summer home in Wells just a couple of years after Hot Diggity introduced the Big Dog to the amazing beaches of this town.

Of course, photos and exact location will soon follow.

Pictured above during the signing ceremony are (front to back), Fifi (Hot Dog Aficionado), Hot Diggity (the brains and personality of the organization), and DG (officially known as The Big Dog).

Frankly, we (will) serve the best Hot Dogs!


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations, Yank's Franks!!! Can't wait for August!

  2. Congrats big dog and hot diggity! I feel a bit ridiculous using the nicknames, but hey, its almost hot dog season.


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