Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deep Fried Bacon Hot Dog

I was doing a project around the house today and while taking a break (I take lots of breaks) I got a text from Chicago Hot Dog tester, Debbie K. She asked what kind of Dog is for lunch. I responded, just plain hot dogs. That's when the realization came to me, "what kind of Hot Dogger am I turning into?"

A decision was made...the Hot Dog test kitchen will open today. On the menu will be a special treat. Deep Fried Bacon Hot Dogs. I would surprise Hot Diggity and return with all the fixin's.

The preparation of these Hot Dogs took a little longer than usual, but was it ever worth it. The result were Dogs that were crispy on the outside but the inside was juicy and delicious.

As many of us "Foodies" know, there are two important principles when it comes to food; 1) everything tastes better with cheese, and 2) everything tastes better with bacon.

This epicurean delight was no exception. The crispy bacon caressed the dog and added an awesome bonus to an otherwise spectacular hot dog.

We topped off these master pieces with yellow mustard. Had I been thinking ahead I would have added sauerkraut or cheese (of course) but my mind was focused on thoughts of devouring this extraordinary delicacy. Oh well, something to look forward to.

Frankly, we (will) serve the best dogs!


  1. I need to try a deep-fried bacon dog!!!

  2. For those of us who live within a few miles of the test kitchen, could we get notified when the kitchen is open?


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