Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Dogs are the Maine Attraction...

...but we are getting some great ideas for the sideshows.

Our Hot Dog research continues. Yesterday we had a great meeting with a food distributor. She came equipped with a multitude of great ideas for offerings that will set Yank's Franks apart from the competition, and send our customers away longing to return.

The next step in this category of our research is to try out some of these great ideas. Once we have verified the quality of these selections, we'll do our best to tempt you with descriptions of some of these delectable sideshows.

I would like to offer some advice to others going through this process. You've undoubtedly heard that you shouldn't go food shopping on an empty stomach. I'll take that morsel of advice one step further. Don't go food shopping on an empty stomach especially after getting some awesome ideas from a food distributor. Yikes, I bought enough goodies for a month. The problem is, I'll eat them in a day or two.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

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