Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yank's Franks Relishes the Attention

To expand upon (and enhance) the phrase from my previous blog "it's better to get good publicity than no publicity at all!"
Yank's Franks has been highlighted in the website of Cyberdog International. Clink this link and scroll down to read the piece on Yank's Franks.

In recommending Yank's Franks blog, Cyberdog urges his readers to, "Follow the adventure from the start of a dream to the thrill of success through the words of one of my favorite Hot Dog vendors in Maine."
The mission of the Cyberdog's website is to provide information for those interested in becoming a Hot Dog vendor.
Frankly speaking, we (Yank's Franks will) serve the best Hot Dogs!


  1. The big dog making big waves. keep the fire burning...

  2. George, my partners and I, here at Cyberdog International, want to help your business become a true success story. If you have any questions about the business, or need any other advice, just Email us and let us know. We are willing to help in any way we can. If you know anyone else who may need business advice related to the hotdog industry, send them to our site. We love to help!

    Mike Croney
    CEO/Cyberdog International


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