Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Hot Dog Test Kitchen ~ Open on Saturday

Hot Diggity (aka photographer extraordinaire), The Hot Dog King (on the right, aka HDK), and The Big Dog (on the left) were on a mission in the test kitchen today. Actually, our goal was two-fold, we were testing a new topping recipe that was proposed by HDK and we were trying out a new hot dog from a nearby vendor.

The photo to the left captures HDK as he is preparing the ingredients for his Cheesy Chili topping. I am preparing a batter for our side dish today, onion rings.

The hot dogs we were testing were a switch from the all beef style that we have been experimenting with thus far. Today's dogs were also more substantial than most of those we have previously tried.

We each weighed in with our impressions of today's tests. The results were unanimous, we all agreed the Cheesy Chili topping was spectacular. It had a bit of a hot, spicy bite which we all concurred would be expected by anyone ordering chili. Combine that with beef and cheese and it can't help but be delicious.

The hot dogs were fantastic. In the words of HDK, "if you are served a hot dog like this, you feel like you are really getting an awesome meal!" He really has a silver tongue. Today, HDK also became a convert to the New England Style bun, toasted with butter.

After summing up the results of today's hard work, Hot Diggity declared, "this topping is definitely a keeper and we'll name the hot dog a Chili Cheese Dog."

As for the onion rings, they were good, but like our french fry tests, we need to return to the test kitchen until we get them perfect.

Before our hard day of work was over, we ended our meal with a dessert selection of Hot Diggity's fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and we tested a New Hampshire bakery's version of a Whoopie Pie. Now we all have that, I'm stuffed look on our faces.

The day's work is done. Now a nap.

Frankly, we (will) serve the best Hot Dogs!


  1. I'm not a fan of the chili dog, but a chili cheese dog I would definitely try. (Cheese makes everything good.) Can't wait!

  2. Yes, cheese does make everything better. Heck, I have even been known to eat vegetables that have cheese on them.
    Also, bacon makes everything taste better. We will have real bacon for the Yank's Franks hot dogs.
    BTW, in the photo, those are onion rings in the background. Delicious, but not good enough ~ yet.


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