Tuesday, March 16, 2010

With My Yank's Frank...I'll Have a Soda

Last week's poll resulted in the best turn out yet. Thank you all for voting.

When it comes to what beverage goes best with hot dogs, there is little doubt. The overwhelming majority (70%) chose Soda. This was particularly impressive considering there were 10 different selections.

Trailing well behind the first place choice, Iced Tea came in second with 18% of the ballots. And sharing the third spot were Bottled Water, Milk and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade each receiving 4% of the vote.

Goose eggs went to Fruit Juice, Sports Drink, Milk Shake, Hot Coffee and Iced Coffee.

While the results weren't surprising, they were very helpful.

My plans for lemonade will probably be altered to include a bottle of lemonade. There also appears to be no need to invest in equipment to make a tasty and creamy, vanilla milk shake. Probably good news all around about the milk shake, I undoubtedly would have sampled the goods every day.

This week's poll asks about my favorite...dessert! Please vote and if you have ideas, post a comment on any article and include your idea.

Frankly speaking, we (will) serve the best Hot Dogs!


  1. Few things go better with a hot dog than an ice cold beer. To bad there was not a category for that!

    MMMM beer and hot dogs. Okay I think I need one of each right now

  2. I understand. Unfortunately, a liquor license would delay our plans. We're doing everything we can to be up and running to take advantage of Hot Dog Season, 2010.

  3. Brownies! The universal picnic dessert. Gotta have them. I mean I gotta have them now, see you.

  4. Ooooh brownies would be great!


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