Saturday, March 20, 2010

At Yank's Franks, the Customer is Always Right??

Of course! Yes, always. Just about all the time.

Well wait a minute, we do have to observe some rules. Rules, you ask. Absolutely, there are Hot Dog Rules. You already know some of them.

For instance, what toppings are allowed on your hot dog when it is served on Fine China? See, you saw that as a trick question immediately. Everyone knows you can not eat a hot dog (no matter what the toppings) that is served on Fine China. Hot Dogs are served on paper plates.

Okay, here's another more difficult one. After finishing your hot dog, is it proper etiquette to rinse the mustard and chili from your fingers with water or must you use soap and water? Careful, it's another trick question. The answer of course is...proper etiquette dictates that you lick your fingers. That makes sense right?

Well, there is another rule that, while important, is not very well known. Ketchup is not allowed to be served on hot dogs that are to be consumed by anyone over the age of 18 years. That's right, if you are an adult, even a young adult you must show ID if you expect to order a dog with ketchup. With regard to this ketchup Yank's Franks we have adopted the "Don't ask, don't tell" position. There will be plenty of ketchup available at Yank's Franks for your French Fries (or even for your Onion Rings)...okay, I've already said too much.

So, you see, we can be fairly liberal when it comes to the wishes of our customers. But please, I beg you, don't ever ask for mayonnaise unless we have a tuna sandwich on the menu as the Special of the Day.

For more about Hot Dog Rules click, "Mayo free zone!"

Happy Spring!

Frankly, we serve the best dogs!"

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