Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scoping Out the Hot Dog Competition

Our mission for the day (well. at least for lunchtime) was to try our local competition. We drove into the parking lot and were immediately impressed with the number of customers waiting, reviewing the menu or eating their lunch.

After a quick look at their fairly diverse menu, we made our selections. For Hot Diggity, it was the Boston Dog. A dog with bacon and cheese (if you have read my previous posts, you know my feelings on bacon and cheese. Put them together and Wow!). For me, I couldn't pass up a Boston Dog and I added a Chili Dog. We split a large order of fries.

When we ordered we were told it would be about five minutes. Our order was ready in about two minutes. Good job!

The dogs were very good. The fries however, were absolutely terrific. They were krinkle cut and cooked just right.

As you can see, we enjoyed our lunch at one of their picnic tables. It was ideal as this was one of our first Spring days.

We'll certainly return and enjoy some of their other hot dogs, but when we do, we'll each get a large order of fries.

To sum things up, we have some great competition. Oddly enough, we consider this a positive. As people enjoy great hot dogs, they will crave them even more.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!


  1. Hot Damn! Hot Diggity looks fine!

  2. Thanks you guys! George tells me that it's all the hot dogs I've been eating! :)


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