Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yank's Franks ~ The Votes Are In

The choice of music at Yank's Franks was put into your hands and you, the readers, have spoken. It was a statistical tie between Oldies and Beach Tunes (together garnering 81% of the votes).

I couldn't have picked better choices myself. Yank's Franks is close to the beach (we are expecting a sizable and hungry beach crowd) and our plan for the interior decor is to adorn the walls with images of Wells from days gone by. Perfect!

Fortunately for the 11% of those that voted for Reggae, I love Bob Marley and I consider his music to be in the category of Oldies.

That leaves just the one person that voted for Classical. I find it difficult to believe that this vote was anything other than a cruel hoax. Who on this planet wants to listen to Classical music while eating a hot dog? I almost get that some people enjoy Classical music, but please...while eating your hot dog???

If this was not a hoax, and there is one person out there that does enjoy this combination, I have one suggestion for you to help you thoroughly enjoy your Yank's Franks hot dog..."iPod."

Thanks to everyone that voted (you too, Classical guy).

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

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