Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Productive Week For Yank's Franks

I haven't posted an update in a week, but we haven't been goofing around.

During this past seven days, Hot Diggity and I have had our initial meeting with the Town Officials who will (hopefully) grant approval for us to operate Yank's Franks at the site we have chosen. To date, the process has been an unexpected pleasure. Each person we have dealt with at Town Hall has been extremely helpful. When was the last time you heard someone make a statement like that?

Hot Diggity and I have also finalized the design of our kitchen. A process that may sound simple, especially considering Yank's Franks is "just a hot dog joint." Even a hot dog joint must comply with the same health code as the larger restaurants, and of course efficiency is important to any business.

In addition, I have been sampling hot dogs, french fries and onion rings like a mad man (an increasingly heavier and heavier mad man). I think we have finally chosen a hot dog, we've selected an awesome hamburger (more than 1/3 lb., made with Angus beef) and we have definitely selected a great french fry that will make us the talk of the town. So far, no luck on the onion ring choice. We are holding out for the best onion rings.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

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