Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yank's Franks Cares!

Not only are Hot Diggity and I searching for the most delicious products to serve our customers, but we are determined to keep our customers safe and healthy.

Yesterday we toured a first rate food service provider to witness, first hand their procedures and facilities. To say they are passionate about providing only the freshest product to their customers is an understatement.

In the photo to the left, Hot Diggity is listening to the Sales Manager explain how refrigerated trucks back up to the vacuum sealed shipping/receiving doors to assure that products remain at the desired temperatures at all times.

It is this obsession with food safety that we will demand of every one of our suppliers. In turn, Yank's Franks pledges to continue this same commitment to safety to our customers.

In addition to our facility tour, we were treated to a session with their Corporate Executive Chef for a discussion about the goals of Yank's Franks and ways they can help fulfill and exceed our goals while providing our customers with an all-around great and memorable experience.

The Chef's extensive and diverse resume in the food service industry came in handy as he shared his ideas about ambiance, physical customer flow as well as food choices.

In the photo to the right, the Chef is grilling up a couple of hot dogs. In front of the Chef, you can see a package of veggie burgers (there's an oxymoron). The hot dogs were delicious, the veggie burgers...well, I think we should find a real vegetarian to find out what he/she thinks.

Our visit lasted about three hours. They were three of the most informative hours we have spent in our process of opening up the best hot dog joint.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

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