Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What City (or State) Is The Hot Dog Capital?

That's a question that will likely start an argument at your next party.

My initial answer is (or was) Chicago. After my Google search I realized that somehow I had forgotten about New Jersey. New Jersey is loaded with great hot dog joints, including Rutt's Hut, my favorite New Jersey joint.

At the top of my Google search was New Castle, PA. They made the list by producing the world's record largest hot dog at 16 feet, 1 inch. Sorry New Castle, that makes you weird not the Hot Dog Capital.

I grew up really liking hot dogs, especially a hot dog at Fenway. Put a hot dog and Coke in my hand while Dick Radatz was on the mound for the Red Sox and it just doesn't get any better. I really liked those dogs, but my real love for hot dogs was a result of the many awesome hot dog joints in Connecticut. Sure you had to wait 45 minutes to get your lunch at Rawley's in Fairfield, the lines weren't as long but the dogs were still amazing a Swanky Franks in Norwalk. Dinner at Jimmies of Savin Rock in West Haven always meant a couple of split and griddled dogs that were hard to beat.

Well there is another area of the country that is coming on strong and may present a challenge for the Hot Dog Capital title. Los Angeles has discovered the benefits of the All-American hot dog. L.A. has had the renowned Pink's Hot Dogs since 1939, but recently several serious "tubular meat" alternatives have opened prompting many to refer to "lala land" as Hot Dog Town.

Post a comment if you have an opinion. Is the answer Chicago? We shouldn't forget New York? Is it Boston? What did I leave out?

Frankly, Yank loves hot dogs!

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