Friday, November 18, 2011

I Finally Got a Good Chili Dog

Today The French Fry King and I went north to finally lay to rest my overwhelming hunger for a chili dog. Where else would we go but Hoss & Mary's Tasty Grub at Old Orchard Beach.

For me, it was a chili dog and a Moultron (a Moultron is a cheeseburger topped with a hot dog) along with an order of fries. For The French Fry King, it was just a Moultron and fries (wimp). Our meals were fantastic.

I took good photos of our food, but sitting next to me was this young man named Ethan. And, as I came to learn, those eight cheeseburgers that were on the griddle were soon to be put together and served to Ethan as his Ocho Burger. I couldn't resist that photo op. I guess I am now a member of the Paparazzi. That's Ethan in the photo just before digging into his Ocho Burger.

I spent the next five minutes or so, watching Ethan make quick work of his Ocho Burger. He didn't skip a beat and then moved quickly on to finish off his order of fries. So as not to risk feeling a bit hungry on his walk home, Ethan topped his meal off with an order of deep-fried Mother Futchers Coffee Cake with sweet dipping sauce.

Great job Ethan! It was good to have lunch with you and all your friends.

And, great job Hoss & usual your food is consistently great!

Frankly, I Love a Great Chili Dog!

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