Friday, January 7, 2011

Don's Famous Franks ~ Augusta, Maine

Our research field trip north took us next to Don's Famous Franks in Augusta, Maine. I'd never heard of Don's, but luckily if there is anyone that knows eating spots better than me (or at least as well as me) it's The Hot Dog King and he knew Don's.

The bad news was, we had just eaten at Bolley's Famous Franks (how long does Yank's Franks have to serve hot dogs before we can call them famous?).

The HDK and Double Dog Dennis were kinda full. A true researcher doesn't let that stop them. For me, it was my standard chili dog and a large order of french fries (to be shared). The menu sign said Homemade Fries, but when they arrived I noticed that they were crinkle cut. I would categorize homemade crinkle cut fries as very rare so I was skeptical.

The hot dog was very good (Kayem natural casing), griddled and served on a steamed bun (if you don't know my opinion of steamed buns read the previous article). The chili was okay, but the fries....the homemade crinkle cut fries were fantastic!!! It is worth a trip to Augusta to try these fries.

Frankly, Yanks Franks serves the BEST dogs!


  1. It is rumored that Double Dog Dennis broke down and ordered a Doughboy at Don's. It is also rumored that he LOVED it!

  2. True! How would you know that Keith?


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