Friday, May 21, 2010

The Mustard War is Over ~ Hot Dog!...Who Won?

The French used to crush up these spicy seeds and mix them with the unfermented juice of wine grapes which was known as Must. The Latin term from which the name mustard is derived is mustum ardens which translates to burning must.

Mustard was first used for medicinal purposes. Pythagoras (remember his theorem) used mustard to cure scorpion stings. One hundred years later Hippocrates used mustard for a variety of ailments including as a cure for toothaches. And, Pope John XXII was such a fan of mustard as a condiment that he created a new Vatican position, Grand Moutardier du Pape or Mustard Maker to the Pope. (this history of mustard is courtesy of, check it out there are more interesting facts)

Back to the Yank's Franks mustard war. While I expected Yellow Mustard (like French's) and Spicy Brown Mustard (like Gulden's) to be the leading candidates, I didn't think they'd end up in a tie.

No need for concern, Yank's Franks will have both types of mustard on hand to satisfy the tastes of all you Hot Doggers out there.

My favorite? ~~ it depends on the hot dog. On the Yank's Franks version of the Chicago Dog, I'll take Yellow Mustard. On my current favorite hot dog (I change favorites quite often), a hot dog with bacon, and griddled sauerkraut, I like the spicy mustard. This hot dog is soooo gooood!

I gotta go, I'm getting hungry. Don't forget to vote in the current poll.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

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