Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Can Attend The 2010 Hot Dog Safari

I've been flooded with emails and phone calls from people (hotdoggers) from all over the world (yes, the world). Everyone is upset that I gave them no advance warning that the 2010 Hot Dog Jamboree was being held. Well, I'm determined to never make that mistake again.

Bigger than The Jamboree is the Hot Dog Safari! You have all undoubtedly heard of the Phantom Gourmet He's the guy that I used to pretend to be, so I could get free food (just kidding Mr. Gourmet ~ however, I do love your sister, Eatie Gourmet). The Phantom Gourmet and the Andelman family (us New Englanders all know Eddie Andelman, one of the greatest radio hosts in history) team up to host this wonderful event with all proceeds going to The Joey Fund and to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This event has been held since 1989 and each year gets better and better. Organizers of the event are expecting 30,000 people to attend this year. It will be held on Sunday, May 23rd at Suffolk Downs.

Each of you have plenty of time to get your airline tickets. You'll save $5 by ordering your Hot Dog Safari tickets in advance. Polish Dog Damian should be coming in from Poland, I know Chicago Dog Debbie will be in from Chicago (bring Jumbo Dog Jim too, Debbie). You'll certainly have a chance to meet Double Dog Dennis and The Hot Dog King. And, there are rumors that Spicy Mustard Mama and Top Dawg Dada will be there with Just Plain Sophia and Mad Dog Miles. There is a possibility of seeing Deputy Dawg Dan and Spicy Salsa Marjan all the way from Texas. No question about Hot Diggity and me (we may be traveling in the Hot Dog Mobile).

So you see, all the major Hotdoggers will likely be attending this worthwhile epicurean delight.

You all have advance warning, and I have already sent warning to the organizers of the Safari that I'll be there. If they think 30,000 Hot Dogs will be enough, they're nuts.

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  1. Good invitation .... i may come their...
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