Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Chili Today, It'll Be Hot (Dogs) Tamale

The Hot Dog King and I set out on a mission yesterday. Knowing that Yank's Franks had yet to find the perfect chili, HDK suggested a visit to the best Mexican restaurant in the northeast.

Because a great chili dog is a must at Yank's Franks, we went on the road again. Many of you are skeptical about the idea of great Mexican food in the northeast, let alone in Maine, but I promise you we have a fantastic (and authentic) Mexican restaurant.

So, off we went to Loco Coco's Tacos in Kittery, Maine. Hot Diggity and I stumbled on this place several years back, when it looked more like a converted gas station (that's what it was) than a restaurant. We had recently moved to Maine from Texas (awesome Mexican food) and were jonesin' for Mexican food. We soon turned HDK and Double Dog Dennis on to this great find and they have since been several times.

HDK and I each ordered a bowl of Chili. It was fantastic. It was the best chili I have enjoyed in a long time.

What about using this chili at Yank's Franks? Maybe! There are two issues: first, it had beans. Hot Dog chili typically does not have beans, and second, don't know if Coco Loco's Tacos sells their product for resale. If we decide to pursue this idea, we will inquire.

To round out our Hot Doggin' trip, we stopped at a very popular Hot Dog Joint. We had heard so much about this place we had to try it (Hot Diggity and I had tried this place several years ago, but it was a first for The Hot Dog King). The Joint will remain unnamed as we came away with little positive to say. Yank's Franks will strive to provide much better food and a much better experience for our customers.

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!


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