Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Diggity and I Go On Safari

This isn't me

Hot Diggity and I rose at dawn's first light. We each dressed in Khaki clothing and I put on my pith helmet, Hot Diggity chose her slouch hat.

We were heading out for the big prize, the "Trophy" hot dog. We went on a Hot Dog Safari. Don't complain, we told you all about it in our May 9th post, You Can Attend The 2010 Hot Dog Safari. Most safari's will take you to a variety of exotic places in Africa, The Hot Dog Safari wasn't safari away (that never gets old), it was just down the road in East Boston.

As you can see from the photo to the left, it was a family event and fun for all ages.

In the photo to the right, you see Hot Diggity as she was being mauled by some sort of deep forest creature. If Just Plain Sophia was along she would have undoubtedly tried to kiss the creature in hopes of turning him into a handsome prince.

There were hot dogs everywhere you turned. The estimate of 30,000 attendees was likely exceeded (that's why we went early, they still had plenty of dogs). There was ice cream and cold drinks to wash down the dogs.

The Grand Marshal was Senator Scott Brown, but the only celebrity I saw was Hot Diggity, and I got her autograph (personalized).

Truth be told, the event was nowhere near the fun of the recent 2010 Hot Dog Jamboree, but they will try again next year.

As for that "Trophy" hot dog, they were all delicious.


  1. Hey, a pic of you in front of my fave local joint, Windy City! Howzabout that Chicago Dog?

  2. The Chicago dog was just as expected...awesome!


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