Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Dogs and Baseball

Baseball and hot dogs bring back fond memories to many of us. For me it's a day at Fenway with my Dad and a hot dog with mustard. I can taste it just sitting here thinking about it. It was a simpler time and the only way to go back there is by closing my eyes and tasting that unforgettable taste.

That is why having a hot dog joint is such a great thing to do. Almost everyone that comes through the door has a memorable hot dog experience. Those memories usually take one back to a pleasant time. Often our customers share those memories with us. It's the best part of the job.

Anyway, Yank's Franks is beginning to add a baseball theme to our "joint."  What better way than to hang photos of the original "Yank."  The top photo is Yank in his Philadelphia Athletics uniform in 1942 and below he is in his Chicago White Sox uniform in 1949. In between 1942 and 1949 was WWII, Northeastern University and minor league baseball.

Oh, and the bats and balls above have authentic signatures of Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Frankly, there is nothing more All-American than baseball and hot dogs!


  1. Love the baseball theme Yank!

    Hot dogs and baseball do go hand in hand.

    We love baseball to at

    Check out all of the stadiums we have eaten dogs at, in the Stadium Dog pictures section.


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