Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top Dog of Rockport ~ Awesome!!!

Today was a rainy and chilly day in Rockport. That really didn't matter to the Yank's Franks Team because Rockport is a fantastic destination no matter what the weather.

On our stroll down Bearskin Neck we passed by several seafood restaurants because we had our plans to stop on the ride home at one of my favorite seafood joints, Woodman's of Essex. I had deep fried lobster on my mind.

Hot Diggity and I, along with Bad Dog Barbara (pictured right enjoying her Bad Dog) and Shaggy Dog Howard (below left enjoying his Shaggy Dog) meandered along the charming lane that stretches the length of the Neck and Lo and Behold...a Hot Dog Joint.

Top Dog of Rockport was staring at me and screaming, "Yank, get in here and have a dog!" (I take medicine in an attempt to control the voices)

I apologized to the others and explained my need to silence the voices. As it turned out the others wanted a dog as well (this was the beginning of the end of the Woodman's idea).

My choice was the Golden Retriever topped with Bacon (the owner, Scott's recommendation). Griddled and served on a buttered and toasted New England style bun (sound familiar?) and swimming in mac 'n cheese. Holy Hot Dog Batman!!! this hot dog was great.

The other's had the Shaggy Dog and the Bad Dog and all reports were fantastic. The Fries were great and the Homemade Onions Rings were spectacular.

Only one bad thing to report...if I had realized at the time that we weren't going to Woodman's, I would have had two more dogs. That would have made it a perfect trip.

Thanks Scott!

Frankly, Yank knows a good dog when he tastes it!

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