Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Dog Night, by Yank (Mama Told Me Not To Come)

I had been jonesin' for a hot dog all week. I've been dreaming about Chicago Dogs and day dreamin' about Chili Dogs.

Today was my big chance. You see, IMHO (that's, In My Humble Opinion) once Yank's Franks closes for the season, I have to drive a considerable distance for a great hot dog.

Hot Diggity and I had planned a day-trip to the north, specifically to the Rockland, Camden area. With that in mind I had Wasses etched into the "Foodie" section of my brain.

We got on the road and I was excited with anticipation.

Then, about 90 minutes into our trip, Hot Diggity spotted a sign...Morse's Sauerkraut, 7 miles, next left. I have been planning to visit Morse's for well over a year when I received a recommendation from a well known Maine Foodie blogger and later another recommendation from a member of the Yank's Franks tasting team (The French Fry King). So, blinker on, left lane, left turn, 7 miles and we are there.

The deal at Morse's is, they have only a few tables. Okay, I'm not criticizing
(after all, Yank's doesn't have very many tables), I'm just saying. You leave your name with the hostess and, at the same time, you place your order. Very clever way to move things along.

My choice was simple, 2 hot dogs served on a pretzel roll...let me say that again, a pretzel! Wait just one minute, they have another choice on the menu that includes those same two hot dogs and mac n' cheese. Holy Wiener Heaven Batman. I'll have that! Hot Diggity had something else, blah, blah, blah (not a hot dog).

We were called to our table and once we sat down I noticed 2 crocks of pickles. One half sour and one sour, all for me. I know what your thinking, that Yank guy is living right.

This is the hard part, you see I have never posted a review of any place that wasn't an excellent review. If you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything. Sound familiar? Yes, my mother used to say that too.

Here was disappointing. The pretzel rolls were really no big deal. In fact, they tasted nothing like pretzels and they were too big to be holding these hot dogs. The mustard, that was my fault, I selected the Whole Grain Dijon and the Hot German (mustard, that is). The dijon tasted funny, but the German was pretty good. Since it was a sauerkraut place, I asked for some sauerkraut. It arrived cold. I asked and was told that it is normally served cold, but she offered to heat it if I chose. I declined since I wanted to experience the kraut their way. I've heard of others serving cold sauerkraut. Actually, it wasn't others, it was one other and I just heard it a few weeks back. At a joint we sampled (and didn't write about, hint, hint) the owner told us she serves it cold and one of her customers started screaming at the cook for not heating it up.

Once I tried the cold kraut on my hot dog, I realized that I don't like cold kraut.I picked it off and finished both hot dogs. In fact, in a stroke of genius (read, hunger) I added some of those free and delicious sour pickles to my hot dog.

In summary...the pickles were great! And, I wasn't done, Wasses was a little further to the north. All is well!

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