Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Hot Dog" Mike Returns To Yank's Franks

He's back! One of the authors of the very popular Hot Dog Blog, The Hot Dog I Ate, Mike returned to Yank's Franks today with his lovely wife, Samantha. (and this time it wasn't by accident). As you may recall, his last visit was a result of a surprise sighting of Yank's by Samantha during their journey north. The bad news, at that time, was that they had stopped a short while earlier at Flo's for some dogs. Being a true "veteran hot dogger" that wasn't going to totally stop Mike. He found room for one Yank's Frank.

On this trip Mike had Yank's Franks as the destination and we were thrilled. After Mike and Samantha finished their meals the customer traffic slowed as if on cue. We had some time for some "hot dog talk" and just to visit.

Both Hot Diggity and I are now into our 3rd careers and the great thing is that "Hot Doggers" are the absolute best people.

Thanks for stopping Mike and Samantha!

Frankly, Hot Diggity and I love being Hot Doggers!

1 comment:

  1. No matter what you set your hands to do your gifts and talents always shine through. You rock!


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