Monday, July 18, 2011

Foodie Blog, Chubby Werewolf Reviews Yank's Franks

Photo courtesy of Chubby Werewolf
Popular Maine Food Critic and blogger of Life in Maine, Chubby Werewolf has written a review of his recent visit to Yank's Franks. Chubby not only writes about his opinion of the hot dogs (pictured is the Yank's Frank that Chubby enjoyed), but he also gives a great description of Yank's almost famous Pulled Pork sandwich.

Check it out! If you are living in Southern Maine or visiting the Greater Portland area, do yourself a favor and read Chubby's articles on What To Do and Where To Eat. If you follow Chubby's suggestions, you will greatly enhance your Southern Maine experience.

If you're a Foodie and enjoy a perfect burger, Chubby devotes an entire section (Burger Watch) to his efforts to seek the ultimate burger. Warning - proceed cautiously through this section if you are hungry.

Thanks, Chubby for the great review. We are so happy you enjoyed your lunch.

Frankly, I Love Working at Yank's Franks! We Meet The Nicest People.

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