Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Inspirational Hot Dog

The last hot dogs from our Cross-Country Tour were from a spot that Hot Diggity and I used to frequent. We would go there often and get the same Dogs each time. We both got Hot Dogs resting on a bed of bacon, then slathered (is that a word?) in spicy mustard and topped with sauerkraut.

We would always get our dogs to go, drive to the beach and eat them.

Any idea what these memorable hot dogs inspired?

Don't answer...let Max tell everyone. How about it Max, do these dogs remind you of anything at Yank's Franks?

Frankly, we serve the BEST dogs!


  1. The extremely competitive OCD demon in me is dying to answer, but I won't. :D

  2. The Classic, most Fantastic Dog in all the land..........The "WELLS BEACH DOG" yeah baby, oh did you hear that..... I heard angels singing. This is definitely a dog for the Taste Buds to come alive and dance a dance of joy. George and Janice..... you guys Rock and yes I will not forget to mention your Awesome Staff of Christina and Ellen. Yank's Franks, a Premium Dog at price that won't break your bank. ENJOY!!!! Max & Ezwar


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