Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Hot Dogger Has Arrived

Our Texas Research Division just released some pretty exciting news.

Deputy Dawg Dan and Spicy Salsa Marjan made the exciting announcement of the arrival of the newest Hot Dogger, Henry. Henry weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 ozs. and was born today, 11/11.

So my mission (and I did decide to accept it. for you M.I. fans) is to come up with little Henry's Hot Dogger name. With his weight at 7, 7 and born on 11/11 the name Lucky Dog Henry sure pops to the top. However, the little guy's initials are HDC. He lives in Texas. And, did I mention his first two initials are HD? (Thank you, Deputy Dawg and Spicy Salsa for sticking to the Hot Dog theme)

So, this lucky little guy will be known as The Hot Dog Cowboy. When he gets a little older and orders his monogrammed dress shirts (his daddy was six years old when he ordered business cards so monogrammed shirts probably aren't that far in the future) his luck will shine through once again. The Hot Dog Cowboy need not worry about a separate set of shirts with his Hot Dog initials (like the rest of us that need to keep two separate wardrobes).

Frankly, Hot Diggity and Yank are feeling like Lucky Dogs!

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