Thursday, July 8, 2010

At Yank's Franks, We Eat So You Don't Have To!~~~That Doesn't Sound Right??

Can you guess what Hot Diggity and I were doing today?

Our goal was to complete the offerings for our menu. After a day of eating, and eating and more eating we left full, and in need of a long nap. But, it was a very satisfying day in more ways than one.

We tried some great hot dogs with interesting toppings. We even had a footlong hot dog that was easily 18 inches long (please, no jokes). We had an awesome hamburger. There were at least 5 different types of french fries and another 5 types of onion rings.

We sampled two types of chili. I thought the first chili was very good. Chef Gary suggested we hold our praise until after the next serving. He was right, the second chili was one of the best I had ever enjoyed.

All this sampling was topped off with a whoopie pie. I love whoopie pies, but how did they know?

After all this, and as an after thought, the Chef went to his freezer and came out with two Cool Dogs. Cool Dogs are delicious, premium vanilla ice cream (some of you probably know how much I love vanilla) wrapped in a mouth-watering cake and topped with rich chocolate that melts in your mouth. What else could one ask for?

Frankly, we (will) serve the BEST dogs!

And, some of them may be Cool.

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