Monday, June 14, 2010

A Yank's Franks Hot Dog Researcher Pushes the Limits of the Law

Yank's Franks is fortunate enough to have reseachers (read spies) across the globe (literally). Well the latest caper to report involved our newest researcher. To protect his identity, we will simply refer to him as Danger Dog Mark.

As it turns out, Danger Dog Mark decided to scope out an awesome Hot Dog Joint in Buttzville, NJ. That's the real name of the town. I have no need to protect the town's identity and apparently the person who named the town also saw no reason to protect its identity.

Danger Dog decided to attempt to learn a little bit about what makes Hot Dog Johnny's so very good. Apparently, despite repeated questioning, "Mrs. Johnny" refused to give up any secrets. Not to be denied, Danger Dog set out on a mission to "dumpster dive" in search of secrets. Again, he was foiled by an early dumpster pickup guy.

Danger Dog, I have some advice. First, keep up the good work. Second, if you get caught, do not mention my name. It can only hurt your situation. And third (and most important) don't get caught because you don't want to spend a second in Buttzville jail, if you know what I mean.

Yank's Franks has the Best Spies!

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