Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Yank's Franks Website Is In The Works

Shortly after we came up with our name, Yank's Franks, we decided to secure a URL because we knew we would want a website.

I attempted to get, http://www.yanksfranks.com/. Unfortunately, that URL was taken. There was no active website, but we figured with all the Yankees fans (just for clarification purposes...we aren't Yankees fans) somebody probably secured that URL to sell a New York version of Fenway Franks.

We had to settle for our second choice, http://www.yanks-franks.com/. As cumbersome as that little hyphen is, it's better than no website.

The really good news is, I was recently in touch with the owner of http://www.yanksfranks.com/ and after some very tough negotiations, we have purchased the URL we wanted.

Don't click away too soon. Our new website is currently under construction and we'll let you know when it is ready to go.

Frankly, we'll have a GREAT website!

Oh, if you know anybody that's looking for http://www.yanks-franks.com/, there's a commission in it for you.

Oh, one last thing, GO RED SOX!

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