Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Yank's Franks Restaurant Review ~ Smashburger

Hot Diggity and I passed by Smashburger on a trip to Texas in November. While we didn't have time to try them out then, the thought of this new burger joint has been swirling around in my head ever since.

Today I was sporting a smile almost as big as the guy who, when asked how often he has sex, replied "once a year" Then why the big smile? "Because tonight's the night!"

Well, tonight's the night for Smashburger. Pictured here is Hot Diggity's Smashburger Classic with American Cheese on an egg bun. The Smashfries are shoe string russet potatoes tossed with olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Hot Diggity also had a Haagen-Daz milkshake as did I, but more on that later.

Joining in our review today were Spicy Salsa Marjan and The Hot Dog Cowboy. Spicy Salsa Marjan had the exact same lunch as Hot Diggity, but The Hot Dog Cowboy preferred the Smashburger Kid's meal with Veggie Frites (flash fried carrot sticks and green beans).

For me, it was a Create Your Own Burger. It had cheddar cheese and a bunch of other stuff. I opted for the Chili Cheese Fries (surprise, surprise).

We all had Haagen-Daz Vanilla Milkshakes. I haven't had a milkshake that was that good in many, many years.

As for the food...Hot Diggity, Spicy Salsa Marjan and I all agreed that these were spectacular burgers and amazing fries. The Hot Dog Cowboy let his empty plate do the talking. He loved the burger and really appreciated the Veggie Frites.

Smashburger received eight thumbs up on this trip! If you have the opportunity to visit a Smashburger it's worth the trip.

Frankly, Yank loves hamburgers and chili cheese fries!


  1. A friend, Chubby Werewolf, emailed this morning. He attempted to post a comment here with some difficulty so I am including it here:

    So glad you loved Smashburger! I visited their Dayton, OH location last year and quickly fell in love. Been meaning to do a write-up for some time but just haven't gotten around to it.

    One of the things that has stuck out during my visits was that the employees were super, super friendly and outgoing. I'm wondering if I just lucked out or if that is part of the corporate philosophy. During my 2nd visit to Smashburger, I had like a five minute wait and a manager came around with $5 off coupons to apologize for the wait. It was totally unnecessary, but a much appreciated gesture.

    But hey, there's no mention of their hot dog? Try one the next time you get a chance. Seriously. Its one of the best hot dogs I've had outside of Chicago (and Yank's Franks, of course).

    PS: I wish I'd known you were in Texas. I was in Texas (Austin) in November as well. Then again, its a big state, so I shouldn't assume that we were in the same area.

    That's it from Chubby. I'll post my reply to him in the next comment.

  2. Hi Chubby,
    Thanks for the note. Sorry about the Blogger trouble.

    I didn't get the hot dog at Smashburger because I had myself in the mood for, and craving a good burger. Hot Diggity just got an email from my sister (another foodie). She tried Smashburger in Chicago and didn't like it. Unusual for her not to like a place like this.
    As far as the friendliness, we're in Texas, everyone is friendly. The people at Smashburger were certainly no exception.

    I'm not sure we'll be back to Smashburger for the dogs, but we make a couple of trips down to Texas per year to visit The Hot Dog Cowboy and his parents.

    Hot Diggity and I lived in Austin for 7 years. It's the greatest city. It seems that so many places we visit are defined by our favorite places to eat. In Austin, Hula Hut is at the top of the list.

    It's great to hear from you.


  3. It was totally unnecessary, but a much appreciated gesture. Restaurant in Claremont CA


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