Sunday, February 6, 2011

Edgar's Olde Mill Burgers ~ A Hamburger Joint Review

Located just off the main road through Sanford, Maine, Edgar's Olde Mill Burgers is truly a "joint" and I loved it.

Double Dog Dennis, The Hot Dog King and I took a drive over the snowy roads of Southern Maine to try these famous burgers. Warning, call before you go, Edgar's has odd hours of operation. Let me tell you, it's worth the trip.

The specialty of the house (or of the Olde Mill) is burgers, but the menu includes hot dogs, chicken and Edgar's homemade clam cakes.

DDD tried the clam cakes since Edgar (aka Pete) is so proud of his creation. DDD gave the cakes an A rating. The HDK opted for a Zun Dog and and Scrambled Zun Burger. Zun Relish is Edgar's special recipe. It has a sweet taste from brown sugar and apples, but it also has a bite to it from some sort of pepper. The HDK loved his Zun Dog, but he couldn't stop praising The Scrambled Zun Burger. He went on and on until both DDD and I finally ordered one for ourselves. It was excellent. I had to try their Burger. How could I go to a burger joint and not have the burger. For my burger I chose grilled onions, pickles and mustard. Delicious!!!

We all split orders of Fries and Rings. The rings were good, but the fries were excellent.

I washed everything down with a draft root beer. It's served ice cold with no ice, just pure root beer.

When travelling to or through Sanford, do not miss Edgar's Olde Mill Burgers on Washington Street.

Frankly, Yank's Franks serves the BEST dogs!



  1. Definitely must make a note of this. We spend summers in Wells and love to try new things. thanks for all your reviews. Great work.

  2. Wow..! First Yanks Frans and now another place to try during our summers up "North"! Come on May!!!!

  3. Another visit to Edgar's today. The Bacon Cheeseburger was amazing and the fries were awesome. The Hot Dog King got the Scramble Burger again and the fries. He said, "Just as good as the first time."


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